Building the Gy·o·ffice (/jee-aw-fis/)

I’m feeling quite content with my almost-finished “gyoffice” (gym + office, of course).

I work from home and, quite frankly, have become far too comfortable doing so.  With about a 5 second commute in any direction, I no longer get the calorie freebies burned by “runnin’ round the office.”

In an attempt to move a bit more (and jiggle a bit less), I decided to put together a workout space that could be utilized while I work.  Let’s face it… sitting at the desk, on calls that can last for hours, doesn’t do a whole lot of good for anyone.


I started the whole process just over a year ago with a SurfShelf treadmill desk.  It works great for hopping on the bike or the treadmill with my laptop… but didn’t end up being a solution I could actually work with.  In the demanding world of Software Project Management, screen real estate is essential, people!

I finally splurged for the treadmill desk I’d had my eye on for quite some time.  The glorious TrekDesk.  This thing is HUGE!  The Amazon reviews don’t accurately portray how big this thing really is.  You’re looking at two 21.5″ monitors and a MacBook Pro sitting on that puppy.

I continued to buy up the same equipment that I use in my home office (monitors, mouse, headset, keyboard, etc), so that I could simply unplug my laptop when wanting to move from my office to the gyoffice.  If something isn’t ridiculously comfortable for me… I’m not going to do it.

Just last week I purchased some rustic shelves to display some of my zen’d-out knick knacks and add a focal point beyond my monitors.  Staring at a blank wall feels a bit claustrophobic (yet again, the comfort thing).

The other irritant I was facing was trying to start/set/stop my treadmill beneath my monitors.  I had to raise the desk up high enough to see my monitors, which made getting to the controls on my treadmill nearly impossible (and typing from that height was pretty awkward).


A monitor mount to the rescue!  This monitor mount is fantastic!  No drilling required.  I was able to move my desk down to a comfortable typing level and raise my monitors high enough that I could easily set/stop my treadmill.


It’s sooo much easier to use the treadmill with this new setup.  I was able to walk faster (and on an incline) without impacting my typing.  Woot, woot!

Overall, I’m really diggin’ my gyoffice.  I can walk, bike (I keep the little SurfShelf desk attached to my stationary at all time), pump some iron and get a couple of upper cuts in, assuming a call didn’t go my way.


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