Ooohhh Chevrons…

A chevron is like a ’54 Chevy Bel Air… beautiful, timeless and I must have it

Who doesn’t love a good chevron?  To be honest, I only recently found out they were called “chevrons” (thank you, again, Pinterest).  Before that, they were just “the little sharp mountain-lookin’ thingies.”


There are tons and tons and tons of Chevron Blankets on Pinterest.  Now, do you think I would have actually pinned the pattern I was using?  Well, if so, thank you… but you’re giving me far too much credit.

Note to Self: When starting a pattern, ALWAYS pin it for reuse!  Otherwise, when you decide to take a month or two break from your blanket… ripping out a few rows to remember the pattern is required. *face palm*

Anyhow, all of that aside, I’m pretty excited about my chevron blanket.

I’m so close to completing it that I can almost taste it!  But I won’t.  Because that’s gross (even if you are keeping it for yourself).

For yarn, I used the Lion Brand Hometown USA brand in Fort Lauderdale Coral, Miami Seafoam, New York White and Dallas Grey.

I used a nice big N (10.00mm) hook, which still resulted in a very thick blanket (a larger hook could be used for looser/airy stitches).

The grey and white are accent chevrons (1 row for grey, 3 rows for white), while coral and seafoam were the main event (6 rows per chevron).


I rarely make things for myself, but this one ain’t goin’ nowhere.



Baby Tootsies

Fact: Chubby baby feet are one of the cutest things on the planet


Oh my goodness.  I was dangerously skimming through Pinterest yesterday (if I open that darn app, I’m sucked in for hours) and came across the most adorable pattern.

Flip flops… for babies.

Think about it.  Those little chubby tootsies… the world’s favorite footwear… put them together and they just. make. sense.

Now, the pattern is actually pretty easy to follow.  I just have this weird mental hangup with new patterns.  I convince myself they’re going to be extremely complicated and that I’ll fail miserably.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s looney tunes and I know it.

Anyhow, this was my first stab at it and I definitely made mistakes.  Now I realize, however, what those mistakes were and will fix them in my next set.  Because of course I’m going to make a gazillion of these!


Hookin’ Around

Babies, babies… EVERYWHERE!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to make baby stuff!  Dare I say, I was beginning to miss it?

Adorable patterns… brightly colored yarn that, let’s be honest, if put on display in my home might give off a wee bit of a Hansel and Gretel-ish vibe.


I’m happy to announce that the lull is over, ladies and gentlemen! In preparation for the new arrivals of Miss Emily and Sir Grayson…

I had a lot of fun making these blankets.  Emily’s blanket (pink and mint) was created using the shell stitch and a treble crochet border.  The clasp was simply many rows of matching treble crochet stitches.

Grayson’s blanket was made up of the Basket Weave Stitch (this guy’s videos are great, btw) and a treble crochet border of that fluffy yarn that’s so ridiculously soft that it almost sticks to your fingers (and tempts you to hide it away all for yourself).  The little elephant was courtesy of a lovely lady’s great tutorial found here.  The clasp was rows of single crochets.  I’m kind of digging the rolled up blanket idea…