Samples? Why, yes… I LOVE samples!

I was recently approached by The Grouchy Garlic , asking me to photograph their latest dessert masterpiece (in exchange for a “sample”; the full batch, which is totally MY kind of sample).  Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity.

If you’re a choco-holic, you have GOT to check out The Grouchy Garlic’s recipe for Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Cream Puffs (GF) (and pin it for later, of course)!  As an added bonus, this is a Gluten-Free recipe.

PS – I’m a huge Mud-Pie fan.  Don’t you just love the little “Got Chocolate” dish and “Ah, Sugar, Sugar” scoop???

Oh and that beautiful barn wood?  You’ve seen it before!  I pulled my new Rustic Shelves off the Gyoffice wall and slid them both together for the perfect “grouchy” feel.

Worked. Like. Magic.